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Zoe Wodarz

We would like to introduce you to the new print collection created by the American artist Zoe Wodarz! Zoe’s love of tropical patterns and bold color combinations shines in this art collection for So Typical Me. Let these designs take you to places where you can feel a tropical breeze and plan your next adventure! Express your style by trying these gorgeous designs as front and back covers. Pick one or two that best speak to you and make sure you add all the extras to create something that you feel a close connection to.

Zoe’s prints are now available under the category “Zoe Wodarz” when choosing your front and back covers. We hope these designs will become your favorites!

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Zoe Wodarz is a creative artist with a deep foundation in studio and craft arts as well as art history. She has a passion for design and specializes in creating unique trends, color combinations, illustration, pattern and product design worldwide.

As a freelance digital designer, her work is now created entirely on digital platforms helping her develop her signature style and create truly unique art pieces for each project.

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