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Lily Windsor Walker

Please welcome the happy designs from the British artist Lily Windsor Walker! For So Typical Me Lily has prepared these lovely patterns that are perfect as front or back covers. Brighten up your year by choosing one of these playful images! Select a motive with flowers, cats, or for extra warmth: choose a teacup infused by the sunlight. Which one speaks best to you? The choice is yours but don’t forget to add all the extras to create something uniquely yours both inside and outside.

Have a look at Lily’s designs under the category “Lily WW” when choosing your front and back covers. We hope you’ll fall for these ones as much as we did!

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Lily Windsor Walker Kalender und Notizbuch

Surrounded by creativity whilst growing up, Lily knew that working as an artist was what she wanted to do. When studying at the university, Lily realised that illustration and pattern design was her absolute passion.
Lily finds herself around plants and flowers a lot and that is where her inspiration comes from. Digital platforms like Instagram and Pinterest contribute to Lily’s creativity just as much as the natural world. “There’s just so many amazing artists out there and looking at beautiful art makes me want to make beautiful art!”, shares Lily.

The artworks provided for So Typical Me all centered around plants, flowers and animals filled with bright, happy colours. Lily thinks that the nature, its endless patterns, forms and shapes are great sources of inspiration and, once inspired by the Mother Earth, an artist never gets bored or runs out of ideas.

Every design is based on hand cutouts or original gouache paintings which are then edited on the computer to add the final touch. This way a hand-made quality is preserved that might otherwise be lost when creating things all digitally.

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