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Jessica Smith

This time we would like to present the new colorful options created by the British artist Jessica Smith! You are now able to choose your front or back covers from these magical illustrations. Regardless of which one you pick; a portion of joy and happiness is guaranteed! Play around with different options in our online design tool and find your perfect cover. Will it be one of the illustrations inspired by cozy Mediterranean houses or maybe the image that reminds you of your visit to a well-kept botanical garden? The choice is yours but don’t forget to add all the extras to create something extraordinary.

Jessica’s wonderful illustrations are now available under the category “Jessica Smith” when choosing your front and back covers. We hope this lovely collection will cheer you up and make you feel good!

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Jessica Smith Kalender und Notizbuch

Jessica Smith has been working on all kinds of projects from book illustration to designing billboards. Fun and playful work that cheer people up is what she loves doing the most. “People often say my work makes them feel good and this is all I ever want!”, shares Jessica.

Things that inspire Jessica the most are the natural world and its colours, the surroundings, things she sees during her travels. Sometimes, all it takes is a fun colour palette to make her want to create something!
Jessica prefers using both traditional and digital methods to work. Painting with gouache comes first to get the main bulk of the image down while tiny details are added on the computer later.
You can find out more about Jessica and her work on her website and Instagram.

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