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Jessica Roux

A new collection of planner and notebook covers by the American artist Jessica Roux has arrived!

We’re sure you’ll love these gorgeous nature-themed illustrations just like we do! Many of the pieces show items in organized compositions, with flowing, organic shapes that frame each element. These covers remind us of fairytale illustrations, pages torn out from encyclopedias and gardening books. In the collection selected for So Typical Me you’ll find flowering spring trees and blossoming magnolias, gardening essentials as well as neat compositions of things picked up during your nature walks.

Jessica’s collection is now available in our design tool at steps 1 and 3 under the categories “Collaborations” – “Jessica Roux” when creating your custom planner or notebook. Pick your favorite covers, find a layout that matches your lifestyle, add cute daily and weekly trackers, and create a planner or a notebook like no other!

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Jessica Roux Kalender und Notizbuch

Jessica Roux is a Nashville-based freelance illustrator known for her nature-inspired, detailed, and full of texture artwork; with a subdued, old-world color palette. She has created illustrations for clients including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Adobe, The New Yorker, The New York Times and many others.

Jessica’s biggest source of inspiration is nature, as much of her artwork features the world of flora and fauna. Nature rejuvenates her and her creativity; and whenever feeling stuck or uninspired, she loves to take her dog Molly for walks and to work in her garden where she grows her favorite flowers.
Besides being an avid gardener, Jessica is also interested in history, mythology, and folklore – whenever possible, she weaves these themes into her work. She loves when her illustrations can tell a story or include a hidden element, like a symbolic flower.

Jessica is a planner person and admits that she would easily forget stuff if she didn’t write it down. Daily and weekly to-do lists, appointments, travel plans, and book lists – Jessica likes to keep her planner in order. She describes that it sort of acts like a yearly time capsule for her: “I’ll put in stickers and ticket stubs, keep meaningful notes or letters from friends, and tape in photos.”
For all list-makers like herself, Jessica recommends choosing the Split layout in the So Typical Me design tool. When decorated with stickers, taped in notes, and mementos the layout can easily be adapted to her needs.

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