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Ilenia Zito

Meet the lovely new additions to our exclusive collection of front and back covers created by the talented Italian artist Ilenia Zito! Illustrations depicting scenes from everyday life spiced up with a touch of Italian elegance. Let these illustrations take you to sunny Sicily and imagine the smell of freshly picked lemons, a picnic in Palermo or cuddling up with your favorite book. Choose which scene you feel the most connected to! These charming images are now at your disposal when creating something beautiful and unique with our design tool. You’ll find Illenia’s illustrations under the category “Ilenia Zito” at step 1 and 4. We hope that you’ll be as inspired by this collection as we are!

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Ilenia Zito Kalender und Notizbuch

Ideas for new projects come to Ilenia during her coastal walks and when flipping through old magazines. Everyday life and its every little moment, whether shared with someone or quietly enjoyed alone, attracts Ilenia and is, indeed, her greatest source of inspiration.

The illustrations chosen for So Typical Me tell of sophisticated and elegant women who find themselves caught in the moment; pictured in ways that are sometimes abstract, sometimes more specific.

Ilenia loves experimenting with digital drawing techniques using different brushes and textures, a combination of soft pastel colors and stronger, bolder tones. She says that by doing so she tries to give herself a creative kick, new impulses and, what is more, it prevents her from getting trapped in the usual habits.

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