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Frida Clerhage

The new cover collection created in collaboration with the talented Swedish designer Frida Clerhage has arrived! These sophisticated illustrations will look amazing on your planner or notebook, with their soft earth tones that celebrate Mother Nature and all its forms and shapes.

The collection is a showcase of Frida’s craftmanship and her passion for art. It’s a beautiful blend of both intricate patterns and more simplistic ones, all in her signature style. Here you’ll discover elements from the world of flora and fauna skillfully woven into each pattern - hidden details that are waiting to be explored!

Frida’s illustrations are now available to choose as the cover for your custom planner or notebook in our design tool. Find your favorite layout, add any additional pages that you might need and create a planner or notebook that is as unique as you are!
You’ll find Frida's images under the category "Collaborations" in steps 1 and 3 in our design tool when creating your custom planner or notebook.

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Frida is a Swedish illustrator and designer from Gothenburg, Sweden, with a degree in art and design. Her work is the result of many years of exploration and experimentation with various materials to develop and boost her creativity. She finds inspiration in her surroundings, people, events and, especially, in the world of flora and fauna which she considers to be her biggest source of inspiration.

As an artist with a lot going on in her life, Frida recognizes the importance of writing things down to help her remember everything. She admits that it would probably be helpful for her to get into the habit of using a planner more often, especially as digital alternatives don’t work quite as well for her. Her favorite planner layout in the So Typical Me design tool is “Split”: a horizontal layout that allows you to mix a planner with a sketchbook. Perfect if you, like Frida, want to be creative and organized at the same time!

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